Let’s Listen! ( Ideas for listening activities)

There are several websites that can help students in improving their listening and speaking skills and at the same time having fun. One of the ways is through listening games. As we all know teenagers love games. However, teachers must bear in mind that at the end of the game, students have acquired new knowledge or rather improving their skills especially in languages.

Figure 1: Blockbusters

I would like to share one website I found which is rather interesting and helpful for English teachers.  It is called High Motivation Listening Games by Chris Elvin. In his article, he says that there are three types of simple but fun listening activities. The first one is called Blockbusters. Based on the Figure 1, you can see that there are different letter of the alphabet in each hexagon. So, how to go about playing this game? First of all, decide your class into two teams and nominate a student to choose a letter. From a previously prepared word list, choose a word whose matches the student’s choice and explain this word to your class. The first team to guess the word correctly claims the hexagon and chooses to continue either vertically 0r horizontally. (The teacher marks the hexagon with a squiggle of coloured chalk corresponding to the team’s colour). One team must go horizontally and the other team must go vertically. To win the game, a team must connect all the way from top to bottom, or from side to side. The ensuing conflict as teams via for a winning route is what makes the game so fun and exciting.

Using youtube in the classroom can also be one of the method in instilling listening skills for students. This can viewed from this link: http://esl.about.com/od/listeninglessonplans/a/youtube.htm

Another kind of activity is English listening quizzes. Students listen to a customer asking for help in a shop. Then, they have to answer the questions based on the conversation. Students will listen to the conversation twice. Click the link below and download the recorded conversation as well as the questions for the students in class. http://esl.about.com/library/listening/bllis_customer1.htm

Happy Viewing! And I hope this will help English teachers in enhancing students’ listening skills.

By: Manpreet Kaur


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