Learning English through songs

Incorporating songs as part of English lesson activities are extremely helpful especially when you want to create a fun and less stressful way to teach English to your students. My partner and I had a short teaching practice last Thursday and we used songs as an English learning activity in the class. The students had fun and they were very interested and eager to participate in the activity. Here is how we conducted the activity. We had sources from the internet to help us as well. These activities are used to teach GRAMMAR to students especially tenses, prepositions as well as word meanings. Using songs also help the students to practise their listening skills. This will enhance and enrich their vocabulary where they can learn new words from the songs. The activity is designed using the song lyrics whereby students are required to fill in the blanks. The song will be played in order to help the students to complete the task given.  

Skills : Listening Skill

Songs: 1. This Love by Maroon 5 


1. Students are required to form groups of 3.

(It is better to keep them in  small groups so that everyone will get the chance to contribute and take part in this activity. The reason for having this activity to be done in groups is to incorporate teamwork or cooperative in this activity. Students get to work with each other to complete the task. Therefore, it is important to have students with mixed ability to work with each other so that fast or advanced learners can help their friends with low level of English competency)

2. Every group will be given a copy of the task prepared by the teacher.

3. Give students time to read the task (lyrics)

4. Play the song once. Give the students time to fill in the blanks before you play the song for the second time.

5. Once the task is completed, ask for volunteers to read the (answer) lyrics of the song.

(Instead of teacher giving the answer, ask volunteers from the students or choose students randomly to read the answers. Get them to sing the lyrics out to their classmates. This does not only create fun and less stress environment in the class but also to get them to speak in English even though they are just reading the lyrics. )

6. Teacher discusses the answer with students to ensure that they understand the activity they have just done during the lesson.

This activity requires teacher to have the song in hand and equipments ready (that are working such as speakers) to ensure that students can listen to the song clearly. Ensuring that every students are able to the song clearly will help them to complete the task as well as to help them improve their listening skill in English language learning.

Worksheet: This activity requires students to fill in the blanks with tenses. >>click here to view the worksheet


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