Students lack of vocabulary? Get them Longman Dictionary: Essential Activator!

by Johnny Ling Leh Wui

The suggestion provided here is not for advertising purposes but rather as a means to help teachers to gather more sources in teaching their students writing.

A user-friendly dictionary when it comes to writing.

This is a highly recommended dictionary to all the students who are trying to build up their vocabulary. I had this dictionary when I was in Form 5 and only lately I remembered when I detect my students’ weaknesses in searching for words while teaching them writing.

The major problem that students are facing in writing is their choice of words -vocabulary. As English is their second language, they would have difficulty in expressing themselves in writing. As a result, most of their writing are dull filled with repeated same word for different expressions which eventually affects the quality of their writing. Therefore, it is not that students do not know how to write but rather due to their  linguistic threshold which holds them back from improving.

Thus, it is highly recommended to all students to use Longman Essential Activator. It is  user-friendly for it contains all kind of words to help one to express their idea in writing. Its functions are more or less like thesaurus but the words are more of common and daily use.

For example, if you want to find the way a person walks, and the only word that you know is “walk” just look for it in this dictionary and it will give you a list of action related to walking such as wander, stroll, limp, trudge etc. Mind you, not only it supplies students with a wide coverage of words, it also provides definition for each word and teaches students on how to apply the words in their writing (examples are given in the dictionary).

Sounds so easy ridiculous? Buy one and try it! I have to admit that this is the fastest and easiest way to learn basic English vocabulary (highly recommended for those who do not read a lot). At least, the basic vocabulary would help them not only in widening their vocabulary but also their writing.

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