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Hello and welcome to our website.

I am Umi Athiya Yusop, a teacher in the making and I am one of the authors of this blog. Since this blog aims to help English teachers to find learning resources, today I would like to share with all of you a useful website that could motivate students to learn grammar.

For the past week weeks, I have gone to a primary school in Bangi once a week to complete my Action Research assignment. Just so everyone knows this assignment requires me to select a teaching technique, teach a few students who are willing to participate, and see the effectiveness of the chosen technique in at least a month.

From the ice breaking session I had with the students, I found that the students hated grammar. Mundane teaching technique adopted by their teachers seems to be the major reason of their fear and hatred of grammar. According to them, their teachers teach grammar by explaining the forms and rules and then drilling students on them. And normally, when the teachers think the students have grasped what has been taught, the students will be given countless grammar worksheets to be completed, in order to test  and enhance their understanding- which I believe the part that bores the students the most.

Since grammar is their major problem, I opted to teach them grammar.

I consider myself lucky because while I was cracking my head thinking of alternatives to make my lessons memorable and fun, I came across this website called ESL Games World. ESL Games World is a website for English teachers as well as for students. This website offers a range of interactive grammar games and exercises.

The below is present tense vs. past tense game

Some games in this website provide  explanations if the students make mistakes.

I have integrated the games provided in this website in my lesson and the feed backs that I got from my students so far are all very pleasing. They are more motivated to learn grammar and it seems to me that my students have somewhat improved their grammar. Therefore, I highly recommend this website to all English teachers especially those who wish to integrate technology into the teaching of grammar.

Till then,

Have a nice day!

Umi Athiya Yusop (A126085)

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