Speaking: Group Presentation Using Slide Shows

By: LEE CHEN PING (A126076)

In an ESL learning context, speaking skills encompass articulating competently and creatively to explore, develop and sustain ideas through talk. Creating classroom speaking activities will develop students’ communicative competence. However, there are strategies need to be employed by a teacher to incorporate a purpose and information gap and allow multiple forms of expression among students. You cannot ask students to speak something that is unrelated to the academic purposes. It is good if students draft and rehearse what they want to report to the whole class later. Teacher then goes around advising students on language, suggesting phrases and helping students to polish and correct their language. The emphasis is on clarity, organisation and accuracy of students’ speaking skills in using the language. Giving an opportunity to rehearse ideas before they contribute them to the class can support students who are hesitant or need longer time to organise their thought.

“Group presentation using slide shows” is about a group of students working on a topic of interest and presenting them to the class using slide shows. The presentation can be in between 5 – 10 minutes. Students are given a few days earlier to prepare so that they can be confident during speaking. This will also reduce wrong usage of grammar and struggle with words.

Why this activity is done in a group? This is because each group member can contribute in different areas such as internet research, slides design, grammar check, and presentation skills. It is always good if a group of students have their own strength and combine them together to create a dynamic group. Also, the group presentation can help other students enhancing their listening skills as well. It is important for the teacher to ask questions to the students about the presentation so that they will listen attentively. Group presentation also promotes extensive reading where students will do some extra reading outside of the classroom. Rewarding students who presented well will increase their motivation to do better next time.

Although many teachers think that this activity is very time consuming, it only takes up to 60 minutes if there are 6 groups presenting their 8-10 minutes slides. The preparation of the presentation should be done outside the class to encourage self-learning and independent-learning. While doing this task, students will also indirectly learn more about technology and softwares.

Some of the suitable titles for secondary students are:
1)      Hobbies / Interests
2)      Technology
3)      Entertainment
4)      Famous People
5)      Interesting Places
6)      Favourite Books / Magazines
7)      Latest Issues

The above topics are just a guideline for the teacher. If students can come out with their own interesting topics and relevant to the academic purposes, teachers are most welcome to accept them.


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