Bringing Facebook into classroom writing

by Johnny Ling Leh Wui

Facebook is quite famous among youngsters nowadays. People usually log in Facebook once a day. Since, Facebook is so addictive, why not use Facebook as part of your teaching.

There are a lot of things that can be done in Facebook. Fully equipped with its applications, teachers can actually set up an account specially used for academic purposes. Discussion group, for example, can be used as part of extended classroom learning. Students can discuss a certain topic or comment on others regarding their thoughts. The discussion perhaps can be used as set induction before the topic is being discussed in the classroom. It is just that such set-induction is done at home.

But why use Facebook?

1)      The application available in it makes it easier for teachers to assign tasks for students.The notification enable students to be alert with the upcoming updates. Teachers can use it as to keep an eye on the students’ progress in the tasks too. Students will be alert with what others have to say and make some comments based on it.

2)      Even if you want to insert videos in the discussion or articles in the internet, a click will do! Just click the button share through Facebook and the video is linked in Facebook. Isn’t that easy and convenient?

3)      The limitation in words in the Facebook helps to develop creativity among students. Knowing that they cannot write too long, the only expression that they can use to represent their meaning perhaps is by using idiomatic expressions. This can save a lot of number of words but meaning is still clear.


Video can be posted to provoke discussion among the students in Facebook discussion group

Try it! It is fun and new for English language learning.



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