Create your own movie!

by Johnny Ling

Teaching isn’t that hard for teachers. They have the information and the knowledge. However, what is bothering them is the way to get sources for teaching especially teaching aids. Even if we want to use video for teaching, not all the videos available is appropriate or up to our expectation. In short, they will never fulfill our needs.

So, why not start becoming a director of your own. You don’t need actors or actresses (unless you have one). All you need are pictures that are related to your working video and you can create your own masterpiece.

I still remember when we were back in our teacher training college; we had an assignment which required us to come out with a digital presentation. What we did was to get the available pictures (reference books, internet) and use them to make video. Of course, the cartoon or the subject in the pictures could not move. What can be done is through animation. Background music would be lovely too to accompany the video to make it more lively and interesting. Therefore, it is simple and does not consume much of your time.

Here are some softwares that can be used to make your own simple movies for teaching.

a)      Photo story 3

c)      Window movie maker

d)     Jaycut

With this, you will have something extra in your teaching!


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