Yay, learning Grammar using Alphabet Poem!

by Moureen Padan

Alphabet poem can be used to teach parts of speech or sentence structure while reinforcing dictionary skills.

Teaching Points

  • Verbs
  •  Past Tense – To write the poem, students had to start each letter with a verb in the past tense. This enabled the class to revise their verbs in the simple past tense while writing some wacky and often hilarious group poems.
  • Extensive dictionary Usage – The writing of the following poem requires students to use their dictionary extensively 
  • Cooperative Learning through group work  -Students are to work together to collate group ideas into one group poem

  Example of Alphabet Poem


What I Did The Last School Holiday!

 (Verbs + in past tense form)

Accessed information from the internet
Babbled with my friend
Conversed with my teacher

Donated some clothes to the orphanage
Escorted my best friend to see her boyfriend
Fought often with my sister
Gave my football cards to my friends
Hacked into the computer system
Insisted on colouring my room pink
Joined the army for a week
Kicked my neighbour’s dog
Learned how to cook
Murdered my a mosquito

Nagged my neighbour’s daughter
Opposed my parents’ plans to go to Langkawi
Puzzled why my parents went to Langkawi without me
Qualified to join the Newboyz group
Rebuilt my tree house after my brother threw stones at it
Sold my hand phone because it was broken
Took my young brother to his friend’s house
Unfertilized the soil behind my backyard
Vandalized a bus stop with my friend
Waited for my girlfriend at the bus stop which I had vandalized
X-rayed my body
Yelled at the field
Zapped my discipline teacher’s car!

(Adapted from Mohd Zarif, Mohd Khairy, Nur Dalila, Mohd Khairul, Nur Syahida)

It would be fun to play words using all the alphabets! So, try it out with lower secondary school!


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