Steps to Improve Listening Skills

Listening is one of the main language domains that should not be neglected! I believe that everyone is aware with the fact that listening is a part of communication. A two-way communication would not be considered successful if the audience could not understand what’s the speaker is trying to convey.

In schools that I have been to, for fieldwork assignments, I notice that even though students have been learning English for years, some of them still face the difficulty in comprehending English. Most of the time, teachers have to slow down their speaking pace just so the students would understand them.

In order to help students to improve their listening skills, teachers should encourage the students to practice the skill by themselves, outside the classroom- in authentic situations. Here are some of the steps to improve one’s listening skill by a teacher from a forum for teachers

Step 1- Determine what your listening goal is. It can be listening for pleasure, to empathize, to evaluate, or for information. Listening for pleasure just requires that you sit back and appreciate what you hear. Listening to empathize involves mentally putting yourself in the speaker’s situation. Listening to evaluate means you are judging what the speaker is saying while he is delivering his speech. Listening for information is paying attention to get details and facts.

Step 2 – Distractions are inevitable. But there are ways to minimize the distractions. For example, close the door if the crowd outside the room distracts you. And if you can hear the speaker’s voice because of the distance, move closer to him.

Step 3 – Nobody likes to be distracted whilst speaking. If you need something clarified, hold your horses! Jot down the points that you do not understand on a piece of paper – If the purpose is to get details or facts.

Step 4 – Ask the questions when the speaker is done.

Step 5 –  Sometimes even when you listen attentively to the speaker’s speech, you still don’t get all of the information you need. Politely ask the speaker to repeat what he said.

Students need to be exposed with these 5 easy steps in order to improve their listening skills. Remember. Practice makes PERFECT!

Till Then,

Thank you for reading and have a nice day ppl!

Umi Athiya Yusop (A126085)

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