Books to Movies!


I personally think that the major problem with reading lesson now is that the text is not interesting enough. Usually, what is given is just an article gotten from some magazines and text books. It is of no wonder why students lose their interest when it comes to reading lesson because the text itself is not fantastic enough. Besides, the articles given may not cater everyone’s interest. For example, not all of us like non-fiction reading materials. Some may love fictions. Therefore, the best way is to give students the latest movie books or stories!

There are several reasons why movie books can be made as part of reading lesson.

1)      You get students to read more (extensive reading) – the length of the text.
2)      The books are far more interesting than the articles – everyone knows the story – shared topic to talk with each other
3)      The discussion can be expanded. Higher level of questioning skills such as analyzing and reasoning. – characterization and the cultural background. This also enriches students’ knowledge not only in the present but also the past.
4)      Students can compare the movie with the content of the original story in the book – how certain description in the book is portrayed in the movie
5)      The movie provides students a sense of background knowledge in the story book – this ease the reading progress and helps in imagination

Usually a movie can arouse people’s interest in reading the text. Like me, I am only sometimes attracted to the book when I know the content and watched it. This is because I know there must be differences between what is portrayed in the movie and the book. Therefore, there are a lot of reading materials that have changes into movies. You might want to try some of it. But remember, choose stories that are appropriate to their age and the length of the text that are suitable for their proficiency.

Below are some discussion that you can have after reading and watching.

1)      Compare the differences between the book and the movies in terms of
a.      the plot – cultural and time setting|
b.      the characters – the characteristics
2)      Discuss the issue in the story – the intended message

*Some of the story books are guided with some questions at the end of the story. Perhaps teacher can select some of the questions for the students.

REMEMBER: What we want the student to do is not just to look for information in a reading. We want them to really interact with the story so that TRUE READING is achieved!

Here are some of the story books that are made into movies.

The Cat in The Hat

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