Literature? BOOOORIIING~~~ So here are some tips on how teachers can make literature more bearable in the classroom…


Role-playing is a tried-and-true way to engage students, spark creativity and build vocabulary. Spice it up even more with improve: after reading, split students into teams of three or four and assign each student a character from the story. Give every group the same situation; for example, if you’re reading “The Fruitcake Special,” the situation could be that Anna and Amos are fighting in the restaurant. Tell everyone to stay in character and be creative, but to behave as they believe their character would. This checks for comprehension, not only of the words, but of the more subtle character descriptors the author supplies.

Or, ask students which parts of the book they didn’t like, and why not. Allow them to form groups and act out the scene the way they prefer. You could also have students act out a new ending for the book; for example, maybe Anna rejects Armstrong  instead. You could also split students into teams and have a debate about a point of contention in the book. This will test students’ reasoning and comprehension skills. Or, split students into pairs. One will be a character from the book, the other will conduct an interview with that character.




Give the class a drama project, where they have to dramatize a play from the syllabus. Give the students freedom to write their own script and also the freedom to manipulate the way the drama will evolve and end. This will evoke the students creativity and also will improve their team work.


Using any literary text from the syllabus, ask the students to create a newspaper front page using the issues in the literature text. As teachers, we have to make sure that we have listed down what we want them to have in the front page, for example:

1. The right column –> follow newspaper format (give specific format of they can just follow any newspaper format)

2. The appropriate advertisement (TIME SETTING)

3. Catchy Headlines

4. Main News (main issue in the text chosen by the students)

5. Related news (related issue that arises due to the main issue)

p/s: teacher should determine how many related news the students should have in the front page AGAIN,   remind them to refer to newspaper format.

6. Number of words

7. Pictures and captions

8.  Newspaper name

9. What’s Inside (other news in the paper) JUST A THUMBNAIL



Instead of doing the LAME or BOBOBORINNNG classroom

activities, TRY THIS ACTIVITIES INSTEAD~~~!!  =)





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