Photography for Creative Writing!

Photography for Creative Writing! 

by Moureen Padan.


  I have discovered an interesting way to learn writing which is through photography.! Since students nowadays develop interest in cameras, why not teachers encourage writing through photography? Students can use simple camera as in mobile phone or advanced camera.

This is a process of teaching writing in English as second language as suggested by Catherine A. Lutz of Georgia Military College, Kingsville Naval Air Station, Kingsville, Texas. According to her, the purpose of this instructional method is to CREATE EXCITEMENT AND INTEREST IN WRITING by using pictures taken (photo shoot) as the basis for writing themes. This type of writing could HELP STUDENTS OVERCOME THE FEARS THEY HAVE TOWARD WRITING.

Materials: Camera or mobile phone camera


        i.            Students provide their own cameras- phone cameras are allowed since most students have camera mobile phone

*If cameras are not available for every student, it is recommended to divide the class into small groups that could then share cameras.

      ii.            During the first lesson, teacher can provide example photos of people and objects, decide the theme and mood followed by discussion of the descriptions of the photos.

    iii.            Next lesson, teacher can ORGANIZE A FIELD TRIP to a local park where students can experiment with lighting effects as they photographed people, paths, and interesting objects for their themes. After the photos were developed (print) and essay written, teacher and students can discuss which photos and essay they like best and why.

    Example of activities:




The main concerns are to stimulate students’ interest and to develop creativity but not stressing on grammatical mistakes. Apart from that, this activity intends to help students overcome their fear of writing, to convince them that each had something of value to say about their photos. Only after the students have developed confidence in their writing ability, teacher can place more emphasis on correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling in students’writing.

SO TEACHERS…HAPPY TRYING and bring out the creative sides of your students!


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