Sort the settings!

by Johnny Ling Leh Wui

Materials: a set of items of various settings (classroom, kitchen, living room, town, etc)

Language focus: present simple, giving instructions


1)      This is a pairwork.

2)      Give two sets of pictures of different setting.

3)      Each student will be arranging the setting that they have according to their own will.

4)      For example, student A is arranging the arrangement of the furniture in the living room and student B on classroom setting.

5)      Begin, by getting student A to give some description to student B based on her arrangement of the setting in living room. Student B with a set of pictures of living room furniture will try his or her best to arrange accordingly to the description given by Students A.

6)      After 5 minutes, they both change roles. It is now student B turns. Student A will now listen to Student B on his or her description of his classroom arrangement.

7)      In the end both check their arrangement and see if their arrangements are the same.


This is an activity that trains students to listen and interpret the message more carefully. Often, not all of us listen during conversation. We merely just hear. Therefore, there is no proper understanding in the listening task that we are having. Such exercise above can train student to be more concentrate while listening to their friends. Beside it also gets to train the students in sentence constructing – based on the description they give to the listeners. By looking at their friends’ reaction while arranging the setting, they would know if their description (sentence construction) is of accurate or is of lacking.


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