Listening to English on Regular Basis

These days, students find it hard to comprehend words articulated by native speakers. The major factors that cause students to have poor understanding of speech delivered by Caucasian are students’ poor vocabularies and low English competency. However, the advancement of technology has allowed researchers to develop audiobook. The audiobook is the digital recording of a speaker reading a written text out. Therefore, the audiobook is synchronized to the reading texts distributed to the students. Audiobook not only allows students to concentrate on the reading materials but students are now exposed to the correct pronunciation, intonation and accents of good English speakers. Audiobook will serve as a platform for teaching listening in a classroom where a teacher might seek some topics of general interest which would motivate students in listening English texts. Apart from that, a teacher can introduce audiobooks of different genres where students would engage in listening during their free hours outside the schools. The introduction of audiobook allows the students to catch up their interest in sports, world issues, history, latest technology development etc via listening. Hence, the use of audiobook in a classroom serves a major step to encourage learning takes place in a listening lesson.

Yu Ching Hung


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