Listening is Fun:A Listening Lesson Methodology

Shared by: JOHNNY TIANG KAH HOE (A126075)

Some teachers claim that the students should first hear a new language target before they come to speak or produce the target language (Paul 2003). There is a strong evident to support this view of theirs. A baby first listens to a language before he can speak the language and later write the language. Thus, listening skill is essential to be taught in the classroom for a purpose to aid the students’ in their learning of other skills to master a language.

It is important for a teacher to encourage the students to listen to English as often as possible. But we have to bear in mind that students have to listen to English of an appropriate level. The level should not be too easy or too difficult for them as it will cause the students to lose their motivation in listening.

I still remember at one time my secondary teacher, Madam Kong, who used a song to conduct a listening lesson in our classroom. It is a very interesting listening lesson to me. In the beginning of the listening class, Madam Kong gave us a lyric of a song “Seasons in the Sun”. Some words were missing in the lyric. Later, she played a song and asked us to listen to the song carefully in order to fill in the blanks in the lyric she had given to us.

Refer below for the powerpoint file created by me that you can use to conduct a similar listening lesson for your students. Please be reminded that the song is better to play twice so that the students can have more chance in listening and getting more accurate answers.

Listening Task



Paul, D. 2003. Teaching English to children in Asia. Hong Kong: Longman Asia.



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