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Learning to Speak English in Interactive Games

Standing on the brink of an golden age of technology, language learning has taken a major shift where computer-based learning is beginning to gain prevalence all around the world. When it comes to learning English language, four of the major language skills one has to master in order to gain proficiency in the language are speaking, writing, reading, and listening.  Conversing in English would not be an easy task for some of the English learners where they would struggle for the right words to articulate. However, elearning company has offered an advanced alternative in learning to speak English.

Learning to speak English deluxe is developed by elearning company with the collaboration of language experts as well as university language professors. It is meticulously designed to meet the needs of English learners. On top of that, this software offers more than 25 interactive activities where English learners will engage in conversations to hone their conversational skills. Some of the primary focuses in the learning activities are conversation, pronunciation, simulations, vocabulary and grammar. These are some of the most important aspects in speaking as one has to learn to choose the right words and articulate it in the correct pronunciation.

Apart from that, the software has included a flexible immersion system where it allows users to choose the learning path that suits individual learning style. The learning system is integrated with real-world context and one can even converse with native speakers using engaging interactive videos and speech recognition tools. This is exactly the software that would serve as an effective teaching aid in conducting an English speaking class. Now, students no longer have to conform to the majority in learning to speak English. One can learn to speak the language in one’s preferable way to achieve better competency of the language. In short, learning to speak English is never an easy task but technology offers better alternatives to facilitate everyone’s needs in learning to speak good English.


Yu Ching Hung


Listening to English on Regular Basis

These days, students find it hard to comprehend words articulated by native speakers. The major factors that cause students to have poor understanding of speech delivered by Caucasian are students’ poor vocabularies and low English competency. However, the advancement of technology has allowed researchers to develop audiobook. The audiobook is the digital recording of a speaker reading a written text out. Therefore, the audiobook is synchronized to the reading texts distributed to the students. Audiobook not only allows students to concentrate on the reading materials but students are now exposed to the correct pronunciation, intonation and accents of good English speakers. Audiobook will serve as a platform for teaching listening in a classroom where a teacher might seek some topics of general interest which would motivate students in listening English texts. Apart from that, a teacher can introduce audiobooks of different genres where students would engage in listening during their free hours outside the schools. The introduction of audiobook allows the students to catch up their interest in sports, world issues, history, latest technology development etc via listening. Hence, the use of audiobook in a classroom serves a major step to encourage learning takes place in a listening lesson.

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Reading with Ipad

Reading can be tedious when one has to stare at a pages of written words for hours. A lot of parents and teachers have found it hard to motivate students to be ardent readers. Fortunately, Steven Paul Jobs, chief executive officer of Apple Inc has offered an ingenious solution, Ipad. Ipad is a gadget which has a slim design and performs like any other computers. What makes it special is the fact that it is portable and it is easy to carry around. Now, the students do not have to carry heavy backpacks or heavy books with them anymore. These days, they are offered a choice where they can carry Ipad to anywhere they want to read storybooks using Ipad. Some of the most popular e-books that can be found in apple stores are Jack and the Beanstalk, Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Books and many more.

Here is the link to find out some of the most popular reading applications in apple store.

The Best Ipad Book Apps for Reading Books at School


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Oxford Picture Dictionary

Oxford Picture Dictionary is an excellent reference book to introduce beginning English learners to a range of vocabulary. It features over four thousands words and phrases illustrated with the whole new vibrant and crystal-clear artwork. The use of pictures will allow the readers to comprehend the meanings of the words through visual information. This would facilitate the needs of learners who are poor learners who find it hard to understand written words. Basically, the topics covered in the dictionary are revised and scrutinized thoroughly. The dictionary covers a wide range of things that we do and use regularly and it also serves to cater the needs of today English language learners. Therefore, I would like to stipulate that this book is highly recommended for English language learners of all ages.


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